Name: John Murray

DOB: Sometime in ‘88

Residence: London, UK

If you feel so inclined to read my rambling from day to day, you can follow me here on Twitter.

You can find my GitHub here.

I’ve had this domain for years but never really put it to good use other than pointing it at my twitter. Guess I should type some stuff about me. Not sure if I want to do the whole David Copperfield thing but ah well.

Born in Northern Ireland, lived in Newry, Manchester, Norwich, Newry again, Belfast then London. Was a hobbyist coder and started out on the PSP and PC using C until I decided to go to university and study Computer Science proper. Got my degree while learning a trick or two and currently working with C++ in a public health orientated office with a bunch of really smart people who aren’t great at programming.

This blog then will probably be a semi-personal thing with occasional posts regarding interesting coding related things. It’ll mostly be C++ related but who knows what I’ll branch out to.